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Tam Dao among the clouds
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Tam Dao among the clouds

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What will you do for your holidays? Let’s book a trip to Tam Dao to enjoy your holiday if you have a chance to visit Ha Noi.

Although Tam Dao is not as famous as Sapa and Da Lat but it is a comfortably peaceful destination with the mist, the clouds and cool weather. The cool wind rushes to the grass and the clouds wrap up the mountains, covering the small town of Tam Dao and every beautiful house.

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Along the foggy roads, the scenery of vegetable and herb gardens, and some houses. Not far from Ha Noi, Tam Dao is very quiet with convenient transportation and cool climate all year round. The Mother Nature has given this land comfortable climate and rich vegetation.

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Despite not having several tourist attractions nor crowded markets filled with travelers, Tam Dao is the place of moss-covered mansions, small streams, waterfalls in primeval forests and ancient walls. Because of the tranquility of Tam Dao, you have a chance to hear wild birds singing, to “catch” the mist and “being lost” in the fairy land.

Source: Vietnam Colors

Coming to Tam Dao, don’t forget to visit some small restaurants near markets to savour local dishes such as bamboo-tube rice, grilled chicken and some other specialties. Sitting around the fire, feeling the cool air and the smell of grilled chicken, cooked rice mixed with coconut milk, gourmets only want to stay here forever to immerse in the nature of this land. I used to wish to live here, to leisurely walk around, to taste specialties, to sleep in the warm blanket and to feel the cold air of Tam Dao.

The feeling of peace in Tam Dao is always the desire of many people when daily life is so chaotic. Just one day in Tam Dao is enough to be attached to the wonderful beauty that nature offers this cloudy land.

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Box: Tam Dao tourist attractions

Tam Dao is about 80 km from Ha Noi. You can go to Tam Dao by motorbike, bus or train to Tam Dao to see the scenery in the clouds:

+ Television tower: 93m high on Thien Nhi mountain (1.375m)

+ Ba Chua temple: a spiritual tourist spot

+ Silver falls: 50m high

+ Heaven Gate: where to overlook Tam Dao town in the mist

+ Ancient church: French architecture

+ Rung Rinh mountain: the place of various plants and animals such as orchids, birds, butterflies.

+ Night market: where to taste food in the small restaurants

The cool wind rushes to the grass and the clouds wrap up the mountains, covering the small town of Tam Dao and every beautiful house.

Writer: @Quản trị TripU
Photo: @Quản trị TripU

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