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Binh Dinh specialities - Just think to crave
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Binh Dinh specialities - Just think to crave

Quản trị TripU Follow 8 April 2019
Speaking of Binh Dinh, people usually think about the legends of traditional martial arts, the land of the Champa towers scattered in the surrounding districts and around Do Ban ancient city and… Binh Dinh specialities making people crave just thinking about them.

In Binh Dinh, the poetry of the country has inspired the love of food, which is shown in every dish and drink. Speaking of Binh Dinh specialities, there are nearly 16 dishes such as king crab, bun cha ca in Quy Nhon, bun tom in Chau Truc, gie bo in Tay Son, banh hoi in Dieu Tri, mam nhum in My An, fermented pork in Huyen market, rice whisky in Bau Da, bun in Song Than, thorn leaf cake, banh xeo  in My Cang, banh day in Hoai Nhon, tre in Binh Dinh, fish salads, coconut milk rice paper, breads with pâté. However, there are several typical dishes making people crave just thinking about them that you should try.
Bun cha ca in Quy Nhon: The dish is famous for its sweet broth cooked from fresh fish bones but it is not fishy and its fried fish made from mackerel, salted fish, flying fish and some other kinds of fish. The blend of noodles (bun) and thick fried fish pieces in the sweet broth with some salads, lemon can make you feel the smell from the sea.

Banh hoi in Dieu Tri: Banh hoi is a Vietnamese dish consisting of rice vermicelli woven into intricate bundles. Banh hoi in Dieu Tri is said to be the most delicious dish in Binh Dinh because it is made from aromatic rice. Then, it is served with hot rice soup cooked with pig blood curd and minced pork, and a plate of some pieces of pig heart, liver and intestine. Banh hoi, rice soup and pig’s inside give the sweet and fatty taste that can make eaters feel warm inside.

Banh xeo in My Cang: Nowhere has this type of banh xeo, also called Vietnamese pancake, as its local ingredients are shrimps in Thi Nai lagoon, rice in the field of the Easr, pure fish sauce. It is served with fresh herbs, some slices of young mango and cucumber. When eating, you can taste the particular combination of sweet shrimp, sour mango, acrid banana and crispy rice.

Nem in Huyen market: This fermented pork can be eaten raw, so crusty and sweet. When it is grilled on the charcoal and served with rice paper, perilla, Vietnamese coriander, young banana, cucumber, chopped starfruit, garlic and spicy sauce, the dish is so attractive.

Rice whisky in Bau Da: The whisky make you easy to drunk but you won’t feel tired after that. It is processed according to strict requirements of rice, water source, yeast and cooking utensils. There are some heirloom experiences such as using bronze pots and terracotta lids, storing alcohol in bamboo tube and distilling in small fire to “squeeze” all the essence of rice.

Thorn leaf cake: There are two types of cake: salty cake made from glutinous rice flour filled with minced pork and shrimp; sweet cake made from glutinous rice flour with thorn leaf juice filled with copra or mung bean or both. The cake is indispensable in the meal of great festival of the local people.

Many people continue to check-in and add a lot of other dishes in Binh Dinh cuisine, according to the ingredients, such as: 

Jellyfish: Jellyfish soup with noodles, jellyfish hot pot, jellyfish salads.

Fish: Sour fish can be steamed, cooked with fish sauce or sour leaves; goby fish in Lai Giang river can be cooked with fish sauce and pepper; some kinds such as eel, flying fish and even shark skin are used for cooking rice soup, making salads, frying, etc.

Goby fish hot pot
Other species: Grilled bird with chili salts in Phu Phong, small crab noodles in Phu My, banh cuon in Tay Son, fermented mackerel, shrimp sauce in Vung, grilled chicken in jar, pho in Binh Dinh, etc

Sweet dishes: Coconut milk rice paper in Hoai Nhon, pink cake, sweet potato rice paper, etc.

Coconut milk rice paper

Writer: @Quản trị TripU
Photo: @Quản trị TripU

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